This quiz will determine whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert

1. I describe myself as friendly, talkative, and enthusiastic:

2. I like to participate in a diversity of activities:

3. When something goes wrong, I ask the opinions and perspectives of the people around me:

4. I like to have a packed schedule and keep busy:

5. I enjoy taking breaks from work to talk with people:

6. I would rather be with 100 people than be alone:

7. I do not have a filter and I say anything that comes to mind:

8. Public speaking excites me:

9. After getting together with other people I feel energized:

10. I am often told to keep my voice down:

11. Meeting new people excites me:

12. I prefer talking to people rather than journaling my thoughts/feelings:

13. I am comfortable with sharing personal stories: